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Week in Google, On the Road


Remember when summer meant travel? Is it still?

As a young man, (boy, I sound like my Grandfather!) was a fun adventure, not a brain numbing Kafkaesque process of permits, waiting lines and construction?

Privacy wasn’t a “‘thing” unless your big sister had a habit of walking into your bedroom without knocking.

Now the word receives as much attention as the Kardashians.

Privacy was the topic this week on the #RayBunch show.

Specifically, what impact on privacy do live-streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat have?

In SEO, Google, and Social Marketing News this week:

 – Perks and Pitfalls of Live Streaming Apps.

 – Google News

 – SEO

 – Stuff You Should Read

 – HOA of the week


Is Somebody Watching You?

The Perks and Pitfalls of Live-Streaming Apps

Listen on Soundcloud:


Do live streaming apps like Periscope and MeerKat leave you feeling paranoid?

This week, the #RayBunch tackled the personal and business impact of live-streaming apps.

  1. Do you used them?
  2. What for?
  3. Will you use them again?

Part of the attraction of live-streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat is their ease and immediacy.

Periscope, owned by Twitter, allows someone to watch your video for up to 24hrs. Meerkat videos disappear immediately.

However, in an interview with Periscope founder, Kayvon Beykpour, it seems it doesn’t disappear from their servers.

“Right now we keep them. We haven’t made any decisions around how long we keep them,” Beykpour said.

“If the user chooses to delete the video or the record of being made within that first day, then Periscope will erase the video within 24 hours. Otherwise, the video will continue to be stored on the company’s servers even after the user no longer has access to it.”

The lunch bunch, Jess, Scott, B.L, and Randy discuss the positives: branding and promotion and negatives: privacy and copyright infringement.

Have a listen (or watch) and tell us about your experience with live-streaming apps.

Watch on YouTube:




Google News:


Introducing “My” Account.

Google My Account

Take control of your data, protect your privacy, and customize how Google works for you — all in one place.

One of the things I prefer about Google say as opposed to Facebook is the ease and importance they place on privacy and content control.

This upgrade mimics the type of dashboard we see with Google My Business.







How to Reshare Posts to Your Collections?






Inbox by Gmail – No Invitation Needed

Inbox by Gmail is now open to everyone


GMail In Box

Have you used Google “Inbox”?

I have for awhile and like it a lot.

I find it saves me a lot of time sorting through my email because I can prioritize and now delete on the fly.

It also has some cool features like:

Trip Bundles –

All of your emails about a trip will now be bundled together and the most important details (like flight times and hotel reservation numbers) will be available the instant you open Inbox.

More control with Undo Send, Swipe to Delete and Signatures –

1 – With Undo Send—now for the first time on your phone—you can take back an email right after sending in case you spotted a mistake, or have second thoughts

2 – If you’d rather get rid of messages, you can make ‘Delete’ the default swiping action

3 – If you want to personalize your sent messages, you can now add a custom signature

Check out the official Google Gmail post for more information such as the following:


Inbox by Gmail: Undo Send




How to Show Off Your Content with Google Plus Collections?


Google Plus Collections


An excellent guide from Martin Shervington on the Convince and Convert Site.

I like his analogy to Collections being “interactive Magazines”.

He takes us through the steps of:

  • How to make a collection.
  • Best Image dimensions
  • Followers
  • SEO
  • Curating historic posts into a Collection
  • Ideas for Collections


SEO News


The Search Impact Of Reviews

Mark Traphagen, Bill Tancer

Interview: Mark Traphagen interviews Bill Tancer On Impact of Reviews.

SEO and digital marketing expert (and past guest on the #RayBunch) Mark Traphagen discusses the relationship between organic search and reviews with New York Times bestselling author, Bill Tancer.

An interesting takeaway:

”(Search marketers) have to be like generalist physicians. When dealing with a local business, we have to talk about the importance of reviews to their business, even if they don’t directly impact organic rankings. This might be a little bit outside of our core competency of SEO or SEM.”


SEO Doctor


SEO Strategy During A Website Redesign Or Migration

SEO Strategy Migration


Thomas Stern, SVP of client services at ZOG Digital, gives us a handy guide to preserving our SEO equity when launching a new version of our website.

I could have used this last year when my old site was hacked and I scurried to find resources that could help me avoid having four years of hard earned ranking lost.

The SEO audit list is particularly helpful to have on hand to monitor our current site.


Stuff You Should Read


IFTTT: (If This Then That) How to use IFTTT for Social Media Automation

IFTTT Recipes

Ian Cleary has created a niche as the digital “tool man”.

Ian doesn’t just refer tools – that alone would ensure full-time employment – but he tests them and gives his opinion on who and what they’re best suited for.


IFTTT is a tool I’ve used for some time. I often forget I use it because it works quietly in the background automatically fulfilling my “recipes”.

Recipes are formulas or commands you give IFTTT to perform a function like automatically moving your “favorited” tweet to an Evergreen folder.

This post is a great getting started guide with many great recipes you might want to share.


HOA of the Week
PYB HOA What's Going On With Google+


This week’s PYB show What’s going on with G+?

I had another HOA chosen but after watching this show on Thursday and reading more G+ is dead articles, I thought you should have a listen.

Everyone in this HOA (and the audience) has invested a lot of time on Google+.

You can sense that Martin was trying to calm viewers from panicking.

Martin knows as much as anyone not named Bradley Horowitz about what’s happening at Google Plus and David adds his usual semantic prognosis.



Chef Denis hosts: Third Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference #VBlogCon15

Third Annual Virtual Blogger Conference

For a list of great HOAs that tackle such subjects as:

SEO and Your Blog

How to Be a YouTube Show Host (I’ll make a point to watch this one)

Streaming Live Video with Periscope and Meerkat

Let’s Talk About WordPress

There’s many more.


Finally, I leave you with this.

May it be the soundtrack to your weekend. 🙂


HAPPY – Walk off the Earth Ft. Parachute



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