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Conformity is contagious

There was a lot of marketing news this week which made it very difficult from making this an e-book.

The biggest, which I didn’t include here was #mobilgeddon which fell upon us on April 21st. 

The SEO sky didn’t fall but it did have some impact. You can get some info on this post from Google Webmaster Central: Rolling out the mobile-friendly update

(So much for not including it.)

On to this week’s marketing news: 

The Ray Bunch

This Week on the #RayBunch Show:

Are You Building a Community or Tribe?

Big or small, public or private, the health of a community is measured by the interaction within it.

That was the consensus on this week’s #RayBunch.

Jessica Dewell B.L. Ochman Scott Scowcroft and me were happy to have Mark Timberlake, director of the online marketing company, SME Heroes join us as our special guest.

Mark runs the successful Google+ Community: Online Video Educators & Entrepreneurs and shared many great tips for building a successful Community.

7 Tips for building a healthy Community

  • Start with a core of active followers.
  • When you see people who are active engagers, make them moderators.
  • Have very clear rules set out in the Community description.
  • Even if it’s a public Community, use the option to have people ask for permission to join.
  • It’s essential to build a “niche” Community.
  • Promote members’ activities 
  • Use Google+ Hangouts On Air regularly inside the Community




The #RayBunchTake Out 


At the end of each #RayBunch show, we leave you with our Takeout – links to resources that provide you the opportunity to dig deeper into our featured topic. 


Lunch Bunch Take Out 1. How to Build a Super Tribe using Google+ – by Martin Shervington – (shared by Scott)

2. The New Power of Collaboration – by Howard Rheingold  – (shared by B.L.)

3. Evergreen Content & the Seven Habits of Highly Successful Marketers – by AMAmarketing – (shared byJess)

4. 12 Keys To Building Your Online Community  by Dvid Siteman Garland – (shared by Ray)


Google Plus News

Not. Dead. Yet.


View your data and account activity in the Google Dashboard

Review your Google account activity

Google Accounts Help Center

You can see an overview of when you last used a product and what you did with it by clicking on that product’s name in the dashboard.

A section will expand to show your most recent activity on the product, such as the last email you read in the Gmail section or the last search you did in the Search History section.

Some products will also include a summary of how you’ve used that product over the last 28 days.

For example, if you use Calendar, you can see who you’ve most met over the last four weeks. 28 day account activity is available for the following products:



Search History


Check for suspicious account activity

To help protect your Google Account, we recommend you review your Recent Activity to make sure you remember taking the actions listed. 


Can a home business owner get a verified Google My Business page?



via GPlusGeek 


Note: I converted my NewRayCom Brand Page to a local page and it works very well.

You just need to let those who have circled your previous Google My Business Page to follow you at your new Page.)

If you operate your business out of your home, you may wonder if you can become a verified local business with Google. The answer is yes!

If you already have a brand page, you can even merge your new local page (once it’s verified) and your brand page will be transformed into a verified local business page on Google.

To get setup

1. Create a new Google My Business page (assuming you don’t already have one), and be sure to select that you are a* service area business* when prompted

2. Completely fill out your new page, and verify it with a pin (either by phone or by mail..sometimes your only option is mail, but the postcard comes in a few days)

3. Once your business page is verified, you can now merge it with your existing brand page by following the 5 simple steps outlined in this article: Google Now Allows Brand Pages to Become Local Pages  

Congratulations! You are now a home based business, with a verified local business presence on Google.



This week, it’s all about writing. Whether they’re blog posts or social media updates, there are two things that are an ongoing issue:

  1. Writing takes up a lot of time
  2. It’s hard. Not only do you have to find a voice but that voice needs to be clear.

How to Write More Blog Posts Without Giving Up Your Social Life

How to Write More Blog Posts Without Giving Up Your Social Life


Prolific writer and social media guy, Aaron Lee shares 6 excellent tips on how to avoid distractions, be focused and manage your content production line.

  1. Plan in advance
  2. Get rid of distractions
  3. Hire an editor
  4. Outline your posts
  5. Disconnect from the world
  6. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Silly)

I also learned of a new site that simulates various writing ambiances called +Coffitivity i.e. ambient coffee shop sounds or University “undertones”.

I’ll add it to my arsenal which includes: silence.


How To Transform A Blog Post In 5 Easy Steps

How To Transform A Blog Post In 5 Easy Steps

“Writing may birth new life, but it is editing that gives that life beauty and strength”. ~ Sue Anne Dunlevie

Excellent writing tips from Thomas E. Hanna |

Step 1: Have A Drink (I like the way this guy thinks) – Or read a book. Or go catch a movie. The point is to let your article sit, unread, for at least 24 hours.

Step 2: Ditch The Mumbles Grammar is a tool, not a cage.

Step 3: Kill Your Darlings – (That seems rather rash!) – When you write something beautiful, you fall in love with it. It hurts to delete it.

Step 4: Narrow Your Focus – make sure that it is not only concise, but also clear.

Step 5: Shine It Up – (Cause when there’s a shine on your shoes, there’s a melody in your heart.) – This is where you find the weaknesses in your article and you make them strong.  It’s when thebutterfly chrysalis breaks open and let its “wings dry in the cool morning air”.

I recognize many I have to improve on – “killing your darlings” for instance, is a particularly tough one. 🙂


HOA / Video of the week

Buyer Persona: Who are you targeting on your website in 15 minutes

featuring Lany Sullivan and Randy Milanovic

Buyer Persona


Randy Milanovic chatted with Lany Sullivan about buyer personas, business influencers, decision makers and who is your target audience when you are building your content on your website.

I’ve always found this subject interesting as it’s one of the first things we do in structuring a marketing plan, but also one of the last  things business owners seem to have time for.

Randy brings up some very valuable points that bring to mind the Google E-Book: ZMOT.

On his website: Kayak Online Marketing, Randy offers a Self-Guiding Marketing Persona Tool


That’s it for this week.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think of this newsletter.

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