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Ruby days of summer

See that dog in the photo? 

That’s our Bearded Collie, Ruby.

See what she’s doing?

That’s what I want to do all summer – stretch out on a sun-dappled garden with nothing to do but air my tongue.

I decided to be my own boss because I tired of the routine and rigidity of office schedules. 

I wanted freedom.

I got free alright – free of company benefits (do you know how much a tooth filling costs?) and free of days off.

The only down time I have is when I lay my head down on my pillow.

Self-employment was the #RayBunch topic this week.

Other Marketing, SEO and Google topics that caught my attention this week:

  1. – How’s being your own boss workin’ for you?

  2. – Google News

  3. – SEO

  4. – Stuff You Should Read

  5. – HOA of the week



How hard can it be?

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Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss?

Along with house foreclosures, the 2008 financial crisis left millions unemployed.

The only recourse was to make our own.

We turned hobbies into businesses – be it woodworking, technology or astrology readings. 

With extra time on our hands, a lot of us began playing on Facebook. We played so much we became experts and social media consultants.

Never was the saying “Fake it until you make it” more taken to heart.

Unfortunately, many didn’t make it.



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Each week, the #RayBunch leaves you with our Takeout – links to resources that give you the opportunity to dig deeper into our topic.

Here’s this week’s list:

Ray:   Is self-employment the right option for you? 

Jess:  Your business begins and ends with you by Jessica Dewell

Scott: The Sidepreneur’s Startup Checklist 

B.L.:  The Pomodoro Technique

Randy: Self-employment: What to know to be your own boss

For more details about our discussion check out my blog post: Self-Employment | Who is the Boss of You?


Google News:


How to use Google+ Collections for Business

from  for Social Media Examiner

Using Google+ Collections for business


You can tell not a lot of big innovations are happening on Google+ when I’ve mentioned Collections in the last four newsletters.

However, Collections is a big innovation and may well be a bellwether to what we can expect from Google later this summer.

Google+ has always been a platform for sharing interests and finding people who have them in common with you. Google+ Collections makes it easier for people to discover your posts

Google+ Collections makes it easier for people to find your posts that addresses their specific interests.

Kristi shares examples how businesses can use them.

Here are five of them:

1: Share Specific Tips

2: Document Campaigns

3: Highlight Things to Do

4: Classify Product Offerings

5: Group Different Memes

She also includes in the post a step by step guide to creating Collections.



Google introduces location-aware search to answer questions while you’re on the go


Google Location Aware search


Google knows where you are — and now it can answer questions based on that knowledge.
If you’re in Paris and you want to do a query as to the height of the Eiffel Tower, you can just ask Google, “How tall is it?” without specifying the tower.

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land made a recording of a video about the new feature, which includes queries about a restaurant’s hours and the name of a nearby church, among other things:




SEO News


10 essentials for local SEO success

by James Gurd

Local SEO



James Gurd gives us 10 local SEO recommendations for multi-location businesses. 
Local search is becoming more important as people increasingly turn to mobile search to find businesses close to them. 

Local search is becoming increasing important as more and more people search on mobile.

Here are his top 10 recommendations.

Read the article for the “how-to’s”.

1. Create a unique landing page for each store

2. Add a business listing for each store

3. Build citations in relevant directories

4. Add Google Reviews to your local business page

5. Provide a user-friendly store locator

6. Link your Google+ page to the local business page

7. Invest in local PR

8. Use referral traffic to pinpoint conversations

9. Set KPIs to measure/drive activity

10. Monitor competitor performance




Stuff You Should Read

Jumpstart content strategy

A Blueprint to Jump-Start Your Content Marketing Strategy

This is a brilliant post by Michele Linn published on CMI

Michele takes us through the step we need to create a solid content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is much more than creating and distributing content. 

All marketing involves content – always has.

The difference now is the sheer number of publishing platforms, media and data available.

Here’s a sample:

1. Define your goals.

Seems simple enough. It all begins with the “why?”

Content marketing goals

TIP: Remember to constantly ask, “How will this project support our business goals?”

2. Create your mission statement.

Your mission statement should speak to three components of any successful marketing endeavor:

Audience – the type of person you can help most with your content

Product – the types of information you will provide through your content

Outcome – the things your audience will be able to do once it has consumed your content

TIP: Your audience should never be “everyone” even if you can find a use case for everyone. Be as specific as possible.

3. Document your strategy.

TIP: Start simple and continue to refine from there.

4. Decide on the primary topics to cover.

TIP: Categorize all of your content based on your identified topics.

5. Decide on your content formats.

TIP: Don’t be so paralyzed by perfection that you don’t publish anything at all. Look for the middle ground: What can you do to make incremental improvements to your program?

6. Build your channel plan for social media.

– What is the goal for this channel?

– What is the desired action?

– What is the specific type of content the audience wants to get in this channel?

– What is the right tone for this channel?

– What is the ideal velocity?

TIP: Let your goals dictate the decisions you make in regard to social media content.

7. Consider SEO.

Content should be created for people not search engines, but you ignore SEO at your own peril.

8. Hire a managing editor / content marketing lead.

If you can only hire one person, you need a managing editor to carry out such tasks as:

– Content ideation and prioritization

– Content taxonomy

– Ability to find and manage writers

– Content workflow and scheduling

– Basic understanding of SEO and social optimization

– Editing

– Content repurposing

– Ability to measure and communicate content effectiveness

TIP: In addition to considering tasks, it’s important that your content marketing lead has a number of soft skills such as a love of learning, willingness to innovate/experiment/fail, comfort in working with technology, and the ability to communicate well with others.

(Hear there’s this really cool guy in Montreal who fits the bill. 🙂

9. Have a plan to communicate key KPIs.

TIP: Measurement can be as simple or as complicated as you make it…If you aren’t certain what you should be measuring, ask yourself these two questions:

– Do these metrics support my key goals?

– Can I take action on these metrics (i.e., will they provide me insight into how I can improve my program)?

10. Understand what content is and isn’t working.

TIP: Remember that what you track and how you collect the data can evolve. But, it’s critical to get a system in place and get into the practice of measuring everything you are doing.

Be sure to read the full article for more details and helpful templates.


HOA of the Week
The Hands Across The Ocean Show - Episode 7


I will definitely have to put this HOA show on my watch list.

Phil Aston, Digital Marketing & Media production for Tourism & Retail and  Sue Aston, Composer & violinist for Film, TV and music arranger are very affable hosts.

This week they invited Video Hostess with the mostest, Mia Voss  and Midweek Marketing Mix host, James Dearsley to speak about Periscope and Meerkat. Many tips and opinions were shared.



The Beyond Social Media Show hits 100 episodes!

Join B.L. Ochman and David Erickson (and a special guest) for what will surely be a fun show.

Here’s a link to the  The Beyond Social Media Show newsletter


That’s it for this week.

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