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Google Plus is where I do business.

At a time when business is “personal”, it’s the perfect environment for marrying the two.

Whether you separate your profile from your brand page or not, you’re able through “circles” and “Communities”, to tailor your message to your audience – all from one platform.

In my “cloud” office, photos of my dog and my vacation are along side of infographics and charts.


The Mail Room: GMAIL

I’m liking the new Gmail “Tab” feature.  I just check the “primary” first then get back to the “social”, “Promotions” and “updates” later.

The algorithm is fairly accurate in classifying mail according to the tabs.

Gmail tab



While this new feature is now “default” you can go to your “inbox” and check whichever setting you prefer.

If I’ve been away from gmail for awhile and think I may have lost some emails, I’ll check the “unread”, then switch back to the “tabs” view.

The Newsroom: Google+ Home Page


On my Homepage, I have my top four circles lined up for easy access.

These change from time to time as my priorities do.

For instance, I’m working on a local project with some friends to bring Mark Schaefer to Montreal for a Content Marketing Workshop. So I have my Montreal Social Circle at the ready. 

I always have my AAA circle first as that’s the first stream I check in the morning.

So not to spend the day here, I do a quick scan.

If I’m looking for a particular topic, I do a #Hashtag search.


Google+ Circles Tab


You can rearrange the circles that appear above your stream by going to the “People” icon on the side menu and clicking on “circles”.

Then simply choose the circle and drag it to the the position you want on the upper row. The first four will show.


The Lounge: Communities


Google+ CommunitiesI have my notifications set for any posts or comments from my Communities, especially my Google+ Tips & Topics Community made up of my Google+ Tips Newsletter subscribers.

You can do pretty well anything you can do on Google+ from within your Community including Hangouts and sharing documents.

Communities are the heart of your business. It’s the place where relationships, trust and collaborations are built.

There’s a Community for every interest. Some, like my Google+ Tips  and Hangout pal, Scott Scowcroft has one called: Just For Fun.

Many people spend all of their Google+ time in Communities.


Decide if your Community is Public or Private before creating it. You can’t go back.

Building a Community is work.

You bring just the right mix of people together, introduce them, ignite a conversation then step back and let it flow.

The Conference Room: Hangouts


How do you feel about conference calls?

It might be the way my brain is wired, but speaking into this alien looking contraption in the middle of the table  and trying to hold a meeting through a cacophony of bad connections and overlapping voices would inspire Dante to create a tenth circle in hell.

Hangouts to the rescue.

When I need to meet with up to 9 other people (14 if I use my Google Business Apps), I send them a notification from my desktop, iPhone or iPad or schedule a time through a Google+ Event.

Inside the Hangout,  we’re able to speak, see and more naturally engage with each other because we can observe the subtleties of body language which gives added nuance to what they are saying.

We’re also able to work simultaneously on documents, videos and projects via Google Drive.  

G+ Hangout Sherry Nouraini


Hangouts are user friendly, but there are some minimum requirements needed to ensure that everyone in the Hangout can participate and enjoy the session:

1. Be seen: Have the light source in front and not behind you. Natural lighting (from a window) is best but a desk lamp tilted towards you face works fine.

2. Be heard: Two things here – use a headset or ear plugs to avoid feedback or echo from your computer speakers & and if you need to type, shuffle things on your desk around or sneeze, mute yourself until you’re ready to speak.


I don’t spend all of my time on Google+, but I do most of my work there.

What platform do you spend most time on?

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3 Responses to “Welcome to My Google+ Office”

  1. alison  Thanks, Alison. 
    My lighting is a basic desk lamp that I turn to face me.
    I’m looking at other lighting solution (not expensive) improve. But so far so good.
    You don’t need to invest much, just make sure there’s no strong light (window) behind you.

    No trick to the “looking right at you” trick. Just look directly at the webcam. I imagine I’m looking into the eyes of the person I’m speaking to.

    Also helps to have your computer not too low so that we’re looking up your nostrils.

    Here’s a link to a Hangout post I did that might help:http://newraycom.com/the-basics-for-enjoying-google-hangouts/

  2. Hi Ray,

    Love your new background.  As you say, aligns with your brand colors. Smart. 😉

    After viewing yesterday’s Google Hangout recording, I noticed the evenness of your lighting and that you appeared to be looking at me as you spoke, which is ideal.  
    If you have another post/recording on how to set up, just point me to the location. Otherwise, I would really appreciate tips on how to achieve this.


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