Human Marketing – What it means to be a Human Business

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What is Human Marketing

What does Human Marketing and being a  “Human Business” mean?

Answering that question was the challenge the challenge the #Ray2Go panel took up this week as we launched our new season with a new name, new look, and new platform.

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The Ray2Go Show Ep. 1

Why Brands Need to be Human

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Why Brands need to be Human - YouTube

I’ve provided links below to the three questions we presented in the broadcast:

1 What is Human Marketing?

2. Why do brands need to be human?

3. What are the challenges and solutions to humanizing your brand?


Question 1 What is Human MArketing

1 What is Human Marketing?

B.L. Ochman: – ref: Cluetrain Manifesto

“There is no market for messages; no market for corporate speech.”

Until companies speak in a human voice, nobody is going to listen.Click To Tweet.

Jess Dewell: (3:06)

“When I think of human marketing, I think of human scale. Customize communication to who’s being talked to and where.”

Scott Scowcroft: (4:00)

With social media, it is more difficult for companies to fake being genuine. Companies that have a healthy internal culture of trust will have an easier time adjusting to the social marketplace.

Randy Bowden: (5:37)

“Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.”

Customize your business to the needs of each, individual customer.


Question 2 Why do brands need to be human
Ray Hiltz: (13:33)

From Personal brand or company brand? The new realities of life online

Edelman reports that an employee advocate is two times more trusted than a CEO.

2 On average, 92 percent of an employee’s Twitter network will be new exposure for the brand.

3 Brand messages are reshared 24 times more frequently when distributed by employees versus a company.

Weber Shandwick found that 98 percent of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, of which 50 percent are already posting about their company.


Randy Bowden: (14:45)

If I’m a ticket agent at Delta Airlines and have a large circle of friends on social media, some of those friends who have a beef with the airline are likely to reach out to me. In that case, “I better be Delta.”

Jess Dewell: (15:24)

“The right people on the bus – As human as we are, we’re in business for commerce.”

We need to define within the organization, the nature of human interaction.

Scott Scowcroft: (18:01)

What happens when you’re a crummy company?

Don’t you have to turn things around internally before you can encourage employee advocates?


Question 3 Challenges, solutions to humanizing your brand
Ray Hiltz: (19:42)

ref. 9 Characteristics Of Human, NOT Automated Social Media Marketing by Robert Caruso

When I read Robert’s nine characteristics of being a human brand, the word that kept coming to me was “empathy” – you know, that “Golden Rule” thing.”

1/  provide a profile photo

2/  provide a bio

3/ be responsive

4/ be grateful

5/ show interest

6/ be selfless

7/ have a conversation

8/ be relevant

9/ keep it real

Does it all come down to “trust” or “money”?

Randy Bowden: (20:50)

It’s easy to beat up on a company like Time-Warner or Delta Airlines.

It’s easy for some guy with a Twitter account to they got lousy service.

But in the big scheme of thing – for big companies, that doesn’t mean much as it checked off as “attrition.”

Jess Dewell: (24:46)

As for challenges, the customer side also has a responsibility.

“Customers aren’t always right.”

Assuming they are always right, stifles conversation between them and the brand.

(see #RayBunch show ep. 81 Is the Customer Always right? )


There’re a lot of buzzwords flying around in this social media marketing space.There’re

“Conversational marketing,” ”authentic,” “engagement”.

What these have in common is they tap into to “authentic” human needs – the need to communicate, to trust and to belong.

We all want to be social – we do, but many of us find it so damn hard.

What do you think?

Are companies coming around to humanizing their brand?

Are those companies that “get it” going to profit by developing a social culture while those that don’t, never will?



Examples of companies that improved their bottom line by Humanizing their brand.

Dell, Starbucks, Kaiser Health,

Suggested reading:

Simple: Conquering the Crisis of Complexity

The ClueTrain Manifesto

Human-to-Human Marketing: A Trend for 2015 and Beyond

9 Characteristics Of Human, NOT Automated Social Media Marketing

Why Your Brand Should Speak Human


The #Ray2Go Panel:

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