What Makes Your Event a Success?

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Mark Schaefer Content event
Mark Schaefer showing us how to ‘ignite’ our content.

Heart and friends. 

My co-organizers of the “Cut Through The Clutter” content marketing event, Luis London, Nancy Locke and Andrew Chen, ran with an idea last March to Bring Mark Schaefer to Montreal.

The four of us are huge fans of Mark. 

Mark Schaefer’s “Cut Through the Clutter” content marketing event was born from passion, weaned on reality and finally executed with panache. 


This was a “pushing the envelope” experience for all of us. While Andrew & Luis have organized networking events, this was much larger and much riskier. 

Being powered by passion is great, but we soon found that other critical elements were missing –  like a steering wheel and road map.

This is where our friends came in.


The first, Micheline Bourque, bought the first ticket then used her persuasive skills on her friends.  She was responsible for a large percentage of the attendees.


When he heard that we were bringing Mark to town, Brendan Sera-Shriar of The Brendans, Marketing Agency was just as excited as the rest of us. So he put the marketing muscle of the agency to work and helped with our website; SocialMeex.com which he mounted on his new venture: Happy Box.


An early sponsor of the event was the McGill Writing Centre represented by Sue Laver who provided the venue, a recently renovated Hotel turned McGill student residence that was modern, central and well equipped.


Mila Araujo, organizer for last year’s 140 Conference in Montreal, shared much needed expertise and networking savvy as well as therapy.

A guest on our panel representing regulated industries, she was joined by Brendan Tully Walsh, Craig Silverman and Julien Smith who all lent their time and expertise to form a conversational bridge between Mark’s intensive three hour workshop and the audience.

Content Marketing Panel SocialMeex Event
Interesting how JC Little can capture character in a line or two.

Mila also brought along people who added a lot of colour (and tweets) during the event: Dino Dogan, of Triberr, Jillian Paige and that Little ball of animated dynamite, JC Little who drew these fun TOON swags of Mark and the panelists. 


The event was great. Mark Schaefer was whom we expected him to be, generous, smart and funny.

His workshop was compelling and entertaining. It simply was the best workshop I ever attended.


It was a pleasure to be able to chill with him and his wife, Rebecca and other friends after the event. We strolled a bit around the Jazz Festival grounds then later shared stories and laughs around a large table of ribs & wine. 

SocialMeex Content Marketing event
Ray Hiltz, Pauline Lamaire, Micheline Bourque, Luis London


Here are two links to outstanding articles written today about the event:

The first by co-organizer and writer, Nancy Locke:

Content Marketing: A New Brand of Madness

The second from Joey Tanny of Spundge who did a live curation of the event on the platform.

Cut Through the Clutter: Live Coverage From SocialMeex

You learn how to do live curation here:How to do live event curation with an embedded notebook


What was the ROI of this event?

If you measure it by the colour of ink on the spreadsheet, probably not that great. 

However, if you measure it by ‘influence’’ and quality of new relationships built, then the return was very much worth the investment. 

Have you thought of organizing an event in your city?


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  1. I am very happy to be part of this event. We were able to bring an International speaker to Montreal for our community. We made stronger connections and had a lot of fun doing it. We also know more about organizing this type of events, and found out that with a little help from our friends we can make things happen. The success of this event will sure lead to great things!


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