Will Google Glass Change How We Think About Technology?

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Mitch Joel tries out a pair of Google Glasses and let’s us know what they’re really like.

Read his article here: Google Glass And Thinking Differently About Technology

I’m a Mitch fan. I don’t always agree with him, but admire his thought and insights that come from his many years in advertising and marketing.

He’s been there at the beginning of my social media journey.

He cuts through a lot of BS in that polite “nice” Canadian manner to get to the core of his topics.

This post on his Six Pixels of Separation blog exemplifies his thought leadership.

We have to redefine what we consider “private.”


Looking at the critical buzz around Google Glass, he dismisses the hyped concerns about privacy by saying that if a person is concerned ask the person wearing the Google Glasses, to remove them. 

This follows the same logic as, if you’re concerned about privacy on social platforms, either don’t use them or don’t post stuff you don’t want to mom to see.

He describes this innovation as intermediary technology. 

“It is the first step in removing us human beings from having to hold on to a technology that must be manipulated by our fingers as we move to wearable technology that is manipulated with our eyes and our voice.”

When addressing privacy and etiquette concerns, he adds that…

“Technology won’t make humans have better manners. Human beings are going to have to get better at managing their technology and not allowing the technology to manage them.”

I was asked by a friend this week why there is so much resistance and negativity directed at Google, especially at Google+.

I’ll leave them with this last quote from Mitch:

“While Apple races to deliver their first iteration of wearable technology, Google also proved something powerful with Google Glass: they have quickly (and once again) become one of the most innovative and fascinating companies in the world

 Google Glass Video


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