Your Google Plus Tips of the Week | Issue 142

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Google Plus Tips Issue 142

In this Issue of Your Google Plus Tips of the Week:

  1. How to delete extra Google+ Pages
  2. How to create a Google+ “Opt in” Circle
  3. Anatomy of a Google+ Post [Infographic]
  4. My Top HOAs (& Podcast) of the Week


How to delete extra Google+ Pages

If you set up extra Google+ Pages on your account and want to get rid of them (good idea btw), Top Contributor, Peggy K shared a video from The Lady from Uncle that takes us through the process.

Note that you cannot delete a Google+ Page while it’s connected to a YouTube channel.

You first need to either delete the channel or move it to a different Google+ identity 

(from Google support)

If you just want change the name on your channel, you can edit the name on Google+. Note that profile names are subject to these requirements. Page names have no restrictions.

If you recently connected your YouTube channel to Google+, but connected to the wrong Google+ page or profile, don’t worry. Here’s how to reconnect your channel to the right page or profile:


If you connected your channel to Google+ over 14 days ago, but want to connect it to a different Google+ page or profile, try submitting this form: Get help with Google+ on YouTube.

We’ll help you get your channel connected to the right page or profile.


How to create a Google+ “Opt in” Circle

Google plus tips Notification 3


Everyday we’re bombarded with notifications from our email contacts and social media connections.

Even the Google+ ghost town haunts us with notifications of new posts, events and community invitations.

Here’s how to create a Google+ version of an email Opt-in form as well as an explanation how to manage your notifications.


Notifications via Email “Opt In Circle”

If you’d like to send your Google+ posts to someone’s email inbox, you should get their permission first.

Because someone has circled you or given you a few “+1’s” doesn’t “put a ring on it“.

Here’s a way to do this using circles. 


Google Plus Tips Notification circles


1. Create a “mail notification circle”:

    I named mine Notification Circle New RayBunch Shows and added those I want to email notifications to.

2. Go to Home page and select circle.    

   Write your permission request or opt-in post.
   Share post to circle.


Google Plus tips Notification circle

Do Not Click: “Also send email to (Name of circle)…” You don’t have their permission yet.

Option: Send opt-in posts before creating the circle and notify them by plus mentioning them. (“+” in front of their name) in the body of the post or in the share box.

Then create circle from those who “opted in”.

Choose who is allowed to send you notifications 

If you’re new to Google+, you might want to leave your settings fairly open as you work to build a network.

If you’ve been here awhile, the number of notifications you can receive when someone mentions you can get overwhelming.

Limiting who can send you notifications allows you to be notified of the mentions from only the people you select.

People included in ‘Who can send you notifications‘ are allowed to send you notifications for the following events:

- A post is shared specifically with you or the sharer chooses to notify recipients.

- You’re mentioned in a post or comment.

- Someone invites you to a game or shares something with you in a game.

- You’re invited to a hangout.

- You’re tagged in a photo.

- You’re invited to a community.


Google plus tips Notification 1

Google+ Custom Permision


To select who you want to receive notifications from:

  1. Click the  menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Beside ‘Who can send you notifications’ click the drop down menu and choose from among the listed options, or select a custom group of circles or individuals.


Choose How you want to receive notifications

 Google plus notification 2

You can choose to receive notification by email, phone or neither.


Anatomy of a Google+ Post [Infographic]

This image is from a super article by Martin Shervington for Arora Pulse: How Google+ can boost your SEO and increase traffic to your website

Most people, whether a Google+ fan or not, understand its importance in relation to SEO.
In this post, +martin shervington digs beyond the generalities (and SEO myths) to provide examples of how Google+ powers your SEO.

It does this by providing a platform where we can build the online reputation, trust and authority that Google looks for.


Anatomy of a Goolge+ Post


My HOA Picks of the Week


Google plus  tips Marketing Mix


The Mid Week Marketing Mix – Hosted by James Dearsley brings you the latest social and digital marketing news by the most influential and/or opinionated guests

I had the pleasure of being a guest on James show a couple of times.

He’s the only HOA host I’ve seen who is able to make the Showcase App work as a compliment to the show instead of an obstruction. 
This week he was joined by Ronnie Bincer (King of Hangouts) Ana Hoffman (Queen of Search Traffic) and Tom Abbott author of several social media books including the forthcoming Social Selling


SEO in Social Media Marketing


This is a smart show which should come as no surprise as it’s hosted by David Amerland and Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales

“In the semantic web SEO is more than just about one thing.

Activities that impact on your identity and reputation and affect your online business also affect your offline identity and inform branding, marketing and your future business development.”

This week’s guest was Bruce Clay of +Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet Marketing is a pioneer in the field of SEO.

He was one of the earliest proponents of the call for quality content and identity building practices through the creation of consistent content. 




Got to Pull a “Ray Rant” on the “ReadySetPodcast” Show with hosts Brooke Ballard and Mallie Hart 

The show was a blast to do and their follow-up blog post filled with fun and informative content including this embarrassing photo of myself circa 1973.

(It should come with a warning for people susceptible to seizures from exposure to bad wallpaper.)
It also includes the list below of what I think about Google+ and what I’d like to see change. 


That’s it for this week.

Let me know if you have any topics you’d like to see in your newsletter.

Do you need help with your Hangouts On Air or with Google Plus? Send me an Email  (It’s my favourite kind of mail)

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